Mindfulness Art – A positive approach for anyone who wants to be creative

Mindfulness art – a therapeutic art trend whereby art and creativity is used to create a positive mindset.

I recently went through a creative block and lost my confidence in my ability to be creative. This is a big deal as I come from a design / creative background. I therefore decided I needed to do something new to get my creative juices flowing again and re-gain some confidence.

I started to visit museums again, watch videos on art and I also brought a colouring book as a means to relax and become mindful through art. One thing I have always wanted to do is become a really good illustrator. I have always admired the way other people have the ability to draw free hand, paint and create amazing illustrations. (As my job has always required a computer, drawing is definitely one of my weaknesses). I, like many others can sit and watch time lapse videos on anything arty from illustrations to paint mixing, as I just find it mesmerising with how it can just be both beautiful and relaxing. I find going to museums really inspiring, I just become awe of the paintings which, are so beautiful and I love to get lost in the brush stokes, colour, history and story.

So, I decided I will take a positive approach towards something I originally found quite negative – in the creative world:

I use to find drawing intimidating and stressful and after I lost some creative confidence I just started to feel like my art / designs were not good enough and whenever I produced anything, I wasn’t happy with the outcome. However, after being inspired by many many artworks both in museums and online, I understood that if I wanted to get creative again I was going to do something I put off doing for a very long time, which is go old school. Move away from the computer (where I create my design work) and get creative again though illustration and painting.

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In order to get better you have to start somewhere right, so no matter how bad you think you are, it’s that old saying practice makes perfect! One of my goals is just to become better at drawing, get creative again and most importantly just to have fun with anything that I create.

It’s not been too long and I’m no where near where I would like to be but, I now feel like I’ve got to a stage, that whenever I start to draw, I find it to be both fun and relaxing and this is really important to me. For me a good place to start, is drawing Anime, I love the characters and the simplicity in the illustrations. It’s not about having the perfect illustration it’s about having fun and making art a positive experience. I believe the key is not to put pressure on yourself and just remember that if you keep trying you will get better and better and this goes for anything in life.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that we all have creativity within us and art is very subjective indeed, what one person may like another person may not, so get out your art tools and just scribble and paint who cares if its not perfect! If someone doesn’t like what you create it’s ok because this isn’t about them it’s about you, this is your artistic journey, its about how you got lost in that moment with those bright colours and that sharp pencil and how it makes you feel. If you feel good at any point, before, during and after your creation…then know you have taken the first step towards being more positive and creative. Its all about having fun!

I personally just love getting out my art tools and taking time to have some fun, I find that it’s a brilliant way to become more mindful and positive.

Key things to remember:

Art is subjective!

Be inspired but don’t compare your skills, we are all on a different journey!

No matter where your skills lie, start today!

Every piece of art is different, just like everyone is different!

Have FuN, be Bold and let loose!


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