New York City – A Concrete Jungle, I Will Never Forget.

New York has always been on my bucket list and therefore I was super thrilled when I finally found the perfect opportunity go, my husband and I combined our trip to Orlando with New York.

During our time in New York we stayed in Manhattan. We stayed in New York for 5 days and I created an Itinerary- New York City. of things I wanted to do. People have always told me that Manhattan is a bigger version London, however I would say it has its’ own unique trademark and it’s a city that literally feels like a concrete jungle, with so many high rise buildings all close together looking like tall concrete trees.

After a 2 hour delayed flight from Orlando due to air traffic at JFK, we arrived into New York at 7.30pm which, in my opinion ended up being perfect time to arrive. As we arrived into Manhattan by Uber, it was dark outside, so all you could see was all the beautifully lit up high rise buildings all lined up next to each creating a stunning photographic skyline scene, it was picture perfect. Unfortunately I failed at getting a photo, I was too busy admiring and taking in the beauty, I was in such awe. Hearing stories on how tall the buildings are and seeing it for yourself first hand is a completely different thing and for me it was such an artistic and beautiful first impression.

I really enjoyed seeing and admiring the high rise buildings, I found the architecture beautiful and stunning. I also really liked the art deco interiors within the Empire State building. The views from the top of the Empire State building are breath taking, it gives you a stunning visual of Manhattan and you can see landmarks such as Flat Iron building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building and these are just to name a few.

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One of the things New York is known for is the steam which come up from the ground, it is unusual but different. I loved taking photos of the yellow cabs, the architecture, the Halloween decorations and walking around exploring and admiring the city.

Eating pizza became a staple in our diet during our trip. My husband and I love pizza so everyday whilst when we were out and about we would at least try a slice each, not the healthiest diet but very yummy. Our mission was to try different New York Pizza slices to find the best cheese and tomato flavour, for us its all about the sauce, but since eating the pizza in New York it’s now also all about the base! Thin and crispy to the edge. There are hundreds of pizza places in New York and I feel like we didn’t even scratch the surface, so on our next visit to New York we will be sure to continue our pizza mission.

Our visit to New York fell in the month of Autumn, which was simply perfect, the weather was still warm and sunny for October but what I loved the most was that we got to experience the build up to Halloween! Halloween is celebrated on a larger scale in the states and therefore it was so exciting and fun to see so many beautiful Halloween and pumpkin displays. This just made me super happy and really put me into the holiday spirit. Next time I go to New York I definitely want it to be during the Christmas season as I would love to see the Christmas displays.

Everyone we met was really friendly and I really appreciated the help we received when we were asking for directions or where to buy certain items etc. It was also nice to take a seat and people watch, this is something I always enjoy doing as I always find it fascinating which ever country I visit. I think it’s a great way to try and take in the culture amidst all the hustle and bustle. Living in the moment and taking it all in.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to visit New York, I had such a wonderful time, the weather was perfect, the food was great, the architecture is beautiful, the people are nice, and it was just great to finally visit a city I have only ever seen in movies, photographs and TV series and I would recommend visiting New York to everyone.

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