Top 5 Things To Do in New York City

I have only highlighted my top favourite things I enjoyed doing whilst in New York, however if you click here you can get the New York itinerary for free, which includes a variety of tourist attractions.

1. The Empire State Building

This is most certainly the best way to see all of Manhattan. We went on a clear sunny day and I could not have asked for anything more. The views were stunning and you really get to appreciate the grand scale of all the buildings. It’s a great place to take photos, spot famous landmarks, watch over tiny yellow cabs and learn more about the famous building and how it was built.


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2. Rockefeller centre

Whenever I think of the Rockefeller centre I always think of Home Alone 2, the scene at the end, where Kevin and his mum are reunited under the big Christmas tree. When I watched that movie I knew I wanted to go to New York and be in that very spot and see that very tree, so all things considered, I don’t think I’ve done too badly. I was a little early for Christmas so there wasn’t a Christmas tree, however I was in time for Halloween and there was an ice rink. It was all very beautiful with the flags lined up, the pumpkin displays, and the beautiful lights, it felt perfect. That dream I had when I was a little girl of visiting this very spot came true and I couldn’t be happier.


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3. The World Trade Centre Memorial

The most emotional landmark I visited, was the 9/11 memorial. Each tower has been replaced with a beautiful waterfall memorial with engraved names of the victims who lost their lives. Seeing the memorial for the first time really hits the heart, as you can only imagine how many people were effected by the tragedy. Just seeing how wide the waterfall memorial is, gives you an idea of how wide and high the buildings were and an idea of the devastation that was caused. I share love, light and strength, with families and friends who with were effected. As respect I didn’t take any photos.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

Having only ever seen Brooklyn Bridge in photographs, it did not disappoint. Famous for being one of the oldest bridges in New York, which took 14 years to complete. Cars travel is at the lower level of the bridge and the top level is for walking, used by commuters and tourists. The view from the bridge is beautiful, you can see Manhattan on one side and Brooklyn on the other both separated by the East River, where you can also admire Manhattan Bridge and the numerous boats and ferries on the river.

The views were beautiful and well worth the walk. It was very windy so we didn’t stop much on the bridge and therefore it took around 35 minutes to get across the bridge to Brooklyn.


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5. Di Fara pizza

Numerous food vloggers who have visited New York have always recommend the pizza at Di Fara, particularly the pepperoni pizza. Di Fara is located in Brooklyn and it is a two minute walk from Avenue J subway station. Di Fara was opened in 1964, it is owned and operated by Domenico Demarco and you can still see him in the restaurant making pizza today. On our quest to try different pizzas whilst in New York, I have to say Di Fara ended up being my favourite. As a veggie my choice was always a cheese and tomato, so I can’t comment on the pepperoni pizza but the cheese and tomato was delish! I loved the pizza, the base was by far the best I have tried, with it being nice and crispy to the edge, not doughy like other pizza’s and the hot oil with chillies, just gave it that extra spark. Yummm…


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These were my top 5 things to do in New York. New York is really big and list of things you can do is endless.

I have written a series of blog posts related to my visit in New York City, click on the links for more information:




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