Anime Illustrations.

“A hearts a heavy burden” “They say the best blaze burns the brightest, when circumstances are at their worst” These are two of my favourite quotes from Studio Ghibli’s, Howl’s Moving Castle. Not only do I love the story consisting of romance, action and magic but I also love the beautiful illustrations and colours. The style of…

Valentines Cards.

Happy Valentines Everyone. In preparation for this beautiful holiday my new Valentines cards are now available in my Etsy store. Click here and purchase your card for someone special. My design has been inspired by swallow birds and key romantic graphics. The idea of bringing the love of two people together as one.


Illustrations and paintings are truly inspiring. I enjoy looking at other people’s artwork.  I find it to be inspiring and motivating. As many of you already know I am passionate about being creative and I do enjoy drawing and painting but I have to admit I don’t do it too often. I’m not very confident in…


Let me introduce you to my adorable little Christmas Characters! I still need to name them but for now, it’s Santa, Rudolph, Snowman and Elf!